Alex and the Wonderland

In 2017 a small plant sprung to life from the bud of Alex Wonderland's imagination, aspirations, and melodic dreams. Leaves started to appear and grow on this plant, which soon waved in harmony, once fed rhythm. Since then, Alex and the Wonderland have hopped along through the rural lanes of England during summer festival seasons, and into the urbanised purple haze of London's best loved small music venues. They've shared cable adorned stages with the likes of Alabama 3 Ian Dury's Blockheads, and Toploader.


Growing up on stolen tape records from her sister of The Fugees and learning Rihanna’s ‘Take a Bow’ on her grandad’s Casio piano, Auguste always felt emotionally drawn to the world of R&B. She grew up in a small port city and her safe place was always the sea. ’Seeing water frees any assumptions I have about myself. Watching waves and things in movement, I realise I can give myself the permission to be as untamed as I please.’

Juliet Sen

Juliet Sen is a French singer-songwriter and composer. She has been playing the piano and singing for 10 years.
She moved to London two years ago and she is currently studying songwriting at the music school BIMM London.
Juliet Sen released her first single "Downtown" in Mars 2019.
She is influenced by artists such as Izzy Bizu, Jain and LP.


I am a pop-rock songwriter with a strong theatrical attitude.
I believe in irony in music, if you don't have fun there is no point.
Moved to London in 2018, hope to stay here for a long time.
There's no god but David Bowie in my life.

M Pike

Michael Pasut aka M Pike is a multicultural artist born and raised in italy with origins from Dominican Republic. His passion of music started at really young age playing instruments and writing he's own songs at age of 10. From to pop to r&b with mix of new genres and styles he spread positive messages through his music and art. M Pike have experience of many years of performing in events , clubs and resorts , making people feeling good and having fun


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