Loki UK initially started in early 2018 when Shane (drums) took to social media in search of someone to jam with and Jay (guitars) answered the call. They immediately got busy in the rehearsal room, writing together. A few members came and went [name check?] over the next few months, until the band line up was cemented when Jamie (vocals) and Ross (Bass) joined I June and July, respectively. Cue more riffery in the rehearsal room, collectively writing a handful of songs and playing their first show, just twelve weeks after their first full rehearsal.

Deja Bku

Deja Blu are a two-piece, dream-pop band from Farnham that started making music in the summer of 2018.
Their tracks create dreamy soundscapes with etherial vocals and experimental beats.
They have two released tracks and are working on more to release through out the year.

King Pine

King Pine are an up and coming noise punk band from Surrey, consisting of Jake Lane(vocals, guitar), Charlie Gibbons(guitar), Conner Draper(bass), and Sam Sanders(drums).

King Pine’s combination of bluntly political, emotional lyrics with raw and powerful music bring a refreshingly youthful intensity to the modern punk scene. With big things surely on the horizon, this is a band you don’t want to miss.

Cold Comforts

Cold Comforts are an Alt/Singer-Songwriter band based in Manchester that formed after meeting at
university at the RNCM. Put together by guitarist/vocalist Kieran Murphy in an attempt to escape from
behind the drums and write his own songs for once, he is joined by James Cooke, Imogen Shortall and Jacob
Bentley. The name Cold Comforts is coined by Imogen and drawn from the Stella Gibbons novel Cold
Comfort Farm (1932), which parodies the romanticised accounts of rural life that were popular at the time.

Slow Like A Feeling

Slow like a feeling is a duo playing 
a skuzzy mixtape of dirty electronic beats, postpunk guitars, grooves and synthwave cherry on top.

FFO Fat white Family, Tom Yorke, Early Cure (Pornography/ Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me era)


Bridie, based in South-East London blends jazz chords with spacey guitar tones and a soft, withdrawn vocal to create her raw and airy sound.

Ron Photo

It’s Yacht Rock o’clock.
Yacht Rock, a genre and approach to music often shrugged off as corny, cheesy and the epitome of bad taste, as a result of listening habits informed by the DIY movement of the 70s, 80s and 90s.
With the recent resurgence of Jazz influenced music, minds and hearts have opened again towards late 70s soft rock, jazz rock or AOR(which stands for album/adult oriented rock) as Yacht Rock is also often referred to.


Witty and vivacious, Kimberli is a singer songwriter using her soprano vocal range to charge her sultry tones and eclectic harmonies. She was born in Dublin but feels at home hailing from North East London having lived there for two thirds of her life. She has carried influence in her lyrics from her love and life experiences as she developed into adulthood. Kimberli likes to include psychology, mindfulness and emotion as themes in her songwriting. Her debut EP, ‘Subconscious' has its foundations in spirituality, empowerment and personal growth.


Songbox Band are a songwriting duo based in Brighton, comprising Rob Abbott guitar/vocals and Phil Macnamara bass/vocals. Having spent years playing in a variety of different bands, touring and playing acoustic blues through to Prog Metal, they met on the Brighton Open Mic scene and recognised a connection. SongBox music is described as having "blues rhythms, country harmonies and folk tales..”
Songbox band are to be found playing extensively along the south coast and London They are noted for their stories and harmonies.

Echo November

“With the sheer amount of support that Echo November have received so far, I have no doubt that they’ll go on to be one of the next indie frontrunners” - Kycker

“Could we be in the presence of the next big thing?” - RGM


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