Julia Naman

Julia Naman is a singer‐songwriter from California. She plays electric guitar and (like all true Californians) ukulele. Her songs are often inspired by real life, other times just absurdity; her music a melange of Emily King, Maggie Rogers, Lianne La Havas. Julia works as a lyricist in Paris, France. She's playing alongside the very talented Londonite, Benedict Croft (code name "Bena") at this Acoustic Sunday.

Rhys Warriner

Hailing from Oxford, at 21, Rhys Warriner is a very experienced singer/songwriter and performer. This refreshing new artist has gigged all over the country from pubs, clubs and festivals supporting the likes of Nathan Ball, Waiting for smith and Only the Poets. Rhys offers his unique new style of indie/rock which is complimented by a blend of relatable songwriting and catchy melodies.

Louise Parker

I’m a modern country singer/songwriter with American enthusiasm and good ol’ fashioned English self-deprecating humour!

I have toured North America and the UK and I've also been performing around Europe!

I write from the heart about my travels, love and loss and the expectations and realities of being an independent artist in the 21st century. There is definitely a song for everyone in my ever growing repertoire.

In October 2017, I moved to Nashville for five months and Austin for one month with Lawrence (cajon) to play gigs and focus on honing my sound.

Tom Griffin

"Beautiful songs with deep lyrics and catchy melodies" is how BBC Music Introducing describe Tom Griffin's blend of folk, jazz and blues inspired songwriting.

The Oxford-based singer-songwriter is an experienced performer, hosting his own headline gigs, playing a variety of venues and festivals as well as providing successful support for many well known acts on the folk circuit.

Marco Tamimi

Originally from Cambridgeshire, Marco Tamimi is a 23 year old singer/songwriter who has been described as 'indie pop with a pensive punch'. Having already received support from BBC Radio 2’s Graham Norton, the singer-songwriter released a stunning music video for his debut release ‘Different Eyes’, which dropped February 22nd. ‘Different Eyes’ was written from real life experiences and conversations Marco has had. The exquisite video is set in the UK’s capital, and illustrations the breakdown of a relationship and the downfall that comes from losing someone you care for.


Alterpodes comes after the idea of different dimensions and realities that somehow relate but yet are different. Reyson and meets Eddie in Camden town on a cold winter night and immediately start working on alternate ideas based on material Reyson had worked on in his previous projects. Alessio and Tarek joined adding their no fucks given attitude to complete the pure energy that is Alterpodes!


TOVA are an off-kilter four-piece rock band from the UK. Blending the in-your-face swagger of Foals and Queens Of The Stone Age with the sensitivity of Radiohead, TOVA’s niche blend of influence is set to immerse their audience in a frenzy of intensity and emotion.

TOVA evolved from the subconscious nag of a thought many years ago into its present self in 2018. Friends and hopes that had drifted out to sea and sunk in the wreckage of life were hauled from the depths, examined on deck and thrown together to form something no one quite understands.

Molly Armstrong

21-year-old singer/songwriter Molly Armstrong grew up in the leafy suburb of Cambridgeshire. She started her singing career by playing the main role in a year 4 performance of Puss in Boots. After this, she started having singing lessons and her journey began.

Serenade The Stars

Serenade The Stars are an indie/pop/acoustic currently based in High Wycombe/Guildford/Norfolk.

​The band came together in the winter of 2017 and shortly after forming released their debut single "She's The One" - The track was a surprise radio success being played on over 300 radio stations world wide and as A listed on many UK based FM stations.


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