In one fell swoop August seemed to stamp out a unique pop vision.

Debut cut 'Sword' was sheer synth pop noir, the dappled vocals set against those crystalline electronics.

New cut 'Cruel' is a neat step forward. August focus on a relationship that has turned cold, where neither partner wants to end what is clearly unhealthy for them.

A curious dissection of a faltering relationship, 'Cruel' comes equipped with stark, addictive visuals that air first on Clash.

August comment: "'Cruel' is "another dark love song, showing how you can adore someone but never know if they are really any good for you. The song speaks of a slightly warped co-dependent relationship, where no matter what happens things stay the same, where even if someone is cruel, 'I will always want your love'." CLASH MUSIC

∆UGUST - Cruel