Anelis Assumpção

Anelis Assumpção is a singer/ songwriter who is quite well established in the Brazilian music scene. She won the Deezer Prize for Best New Artist for her album "Anelis Assumpção e os Amigos Imaginarios" in 2014 and the APCA Award (Paulist Association of Art Critics) in 2015. Anelis made a good jump to Europe in 2016 performing at Womex Festival in Santiago de Compostela and playing in venues in Spain and Portugal. Anelis is the daughter of Itamar Assumpção, a very prominent and daring musician who was one of the most important individuals of the "Vanguardia Paulista"(Paulist Avant-garde), this was an independent movement of alternative music created under different rules to the commercial music that existed from the lates 70's to mid-80's. Anelis grew as an artist with her dad, she learnt to be a musician as a profession from an early age, that was the way to bring the bread home. She used to be present at his rehearsals and was part of his band's vocals. She has been working hard her way into the music scene and it has gained her respect. Anelis writes the lyrics and composes the music which is a mix of afrobeat, Brazilian music, rock, rap and pinches of Dub. She's accompanied by an outstanding band including two of the band members of Bixiga 70, Cris Scabello and Mauricio Fleury. She sings in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Last year she had a busy time in her natal Brazil touring and recording her 3rd album Taurina, which will be released online at the end of January 2018. "Receita Rápida" (Quick Recipe) her new single, was out in October 2017, this was a song written by her late father and never recorded by him. Review by British magazine Sounds and Colours of her first CD, Sou Suspeita, Estou Sujeita, Não Sou Santa: Receita Rápida, new sigle from album Taurina: Song to Rosa video:

'Mau juízo' - Anelis Assumpção no Estúdio Showlivre 2015-AeNIxsiwdWU