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Artemis is a four-piece, all-female, alt-rock band formed in Southampton, UK, in February 2019, drawn together by an extending passion for music, Solent University and an intention to leave an imprint of the femme-icon aspect of Rock ‘N’ Roll history.
The girls take influence from the likes of past and current trouble-makers; The Runaways, Paramore, Courtney Love, etc.
Amongst the punk-quartet, lie the powerful and seducing lead vocals of Yianna Schultze, vibing with the perky riffs from guitarist, Frankie Linton, in addition to the catchy and punchy basslines of Hannah Abecassis which lock with the chaotic neutral drummer, Fenella Saunders.
The band are currently gigging within Southampton and London, previously having performed at O2 Islington, The Joiners and 1865. Writing new music as they go to give adrenaline-seeking giggers plenty of material to mosh and dance around to. As fresh faces to the music scene, their recording process started in late June, soon providing the world with catchy and empowering tunes you will not forget.

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21 February
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