Artistes Known As Us

Artistes Known as Us, a name born out of the love for an artist known as Prince & The Revolution. Sadly Prince is no longer with us, but Founder of Artistes Known as Us (Damian) felt it an appropriate homage to a man whose philosophy on music and music collaboration had a major impact on him. With a vast experience of playing other peoples music in discotheques across the UK and Europe and organising events where other Dj's/Producers/Acts were booked.

Damian in 2012 felt it was time to out music compositions running around his head for years! It started with him composing a track with his long term friend and fellow musician, James Renford for an EDM Composing competition launched by Avicci... we realised it was too good to give to an already established artiste with no guarantee it wouldn't be used elsewhere should we lose! Thus was born the founding track of the collective of what is now known as Artistes Known as Us., "From me to you" was the Track, which then led to a vigorous music writing and producing process culminating in an Album in 2013 (The Dreamscape E.P.) and subsequent releases, the most recent being "CASA DISCO - The alternative disco house"... We also added another member to the core of the Group, Ian S also known as Ian Van Gogh, who joined in 2016 and completed the Sound that is our sound! 2018 will be a significant year in our development and expansion of our fan-base and those who listen and like our music, whether in the Car or Bedroom, or in a Club... and now on Stage... that's what makes "Us" unique, we can play all our stuff live! Recent EMOM event Performances at Troubadour London and Pilgrims Pit Stoke proves that and we have more gigs in the pipeline and a new album on the horizon for Launch in March/April 2018 called "Casa Disco II -All Funked up" and the release of 3 Tracks in collaboration with several Singers and other Dj/Producers are also set for release in 2018 in parallel with our progression to doing more Live Gigs, something we excel at and love doing... Watch out for "Us" coz we are gonna party like it's 1999 (2099)

From Me to You Stiletto Funked Up Trance Thing A K A Us 0001 mpeg2video