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For such an extroverted, confident band, secure in their good looks and musical proficiency, there is something enigmatic about The ASBOs. What are their true identities? Where did they meet? How did they form? Who knows? But, listening to the many rumours that are, at present, circulating around Shoreditch and Camden as to the band's provenance, phrases such as 'ex-models', 'loveable rogues on the run' and 'rebels with hearts of gold' pop up in every speculation. Although musically they draw their inspiration from 80s rock, The ASBOs embrace the technology required to create their trademark, quirky music videos – many of which can be viewed in 3D – while maintaining an approach to creativity that evokes a DIY, punk ethos.The band are as energetic live as they appear to be in these videos, their gigs charged with an electric, sexual intensity. Modesty, shyness and timidity are not in the ASBOs' vocabulary, while shoegazing is, to them, a very dirty word. While the questions regarding their origins remain unanswered, where this band of high-octane rapscallions is heading couldn't be clearer. To quote one of their cited influences: 'Out along the edges, always where I burn to be. The further on the edge, the hotter the intensity.'

The ASBOs’ EP It’s Good To Be Great is available to download from iTunes.