Bógomil is an up-and-coming music artist, who starts his music career in his home country, Bulgaria. He is an infusion of urban pop and soul-captivating R&B with his ear-catching harmonies he incorporates in his music. With influences such as Justin Timberlake, Usher, Stevie Wonder, Sia and Max Martin he always strives for perfection in his sound as well as adding different flavors to his music. Bógomil starts his career while still at 6 years of age, performing in a vocal group in his hometown. At the age of 10, Bógomil becomes a solo performer and starts building his own identity as an artist and entertainer. This leads him to one of his life-changing experiences. In 2011, there is the first season of X Factor in Bulgaria. Bógomil auditions for it despite the fact he is 14 at the time and under the minimum age requirement (16). Eventually, he earns himself the opportunity to compete alongside the other participants and achieves the position of a runner-up in the show. His audition performance of 'Stay' by Hurts gets posted on the band's Facebook page. Following this major success, Bógomil signs his first ever record deal with Virginia Records (Sony Music). His work within the record label helps him hone his artistic skills, meet new fans and collaborators. What is more, he is among the artists to take part in the national tour, "Coca-Cola Happy Energy Tour", organized by Coca-Cola, for two consecutive years. He gets the chance to perform alongside artists such as Mark Ronson, Conor Maynard, Alexandra Stan, Antonia, and others. In February 2019, Bógomil releases his self-produced debut EP, 'Chapter 2'.