Bought it for the Bottle

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Growing up together at secondary school in Berkshire, Liam, Jack, Bradley and Chris have been performing together for years in various configurations, Bought it for the Bottle (BIFTB) formed in early 2018, and the group dived head first into the UK indie rock scene. Eager to write, record, and perform their own material, the band has steadily built up a loyal fan base, following the release of two self-produced singles and a string of live appearances. During the winter of 2018, BIFTB headed for the studio, and recorded two singles, ‘Wasting My Mind’ and ‘Found’, which have been professionally produced, mixed, and mastered, and were released on 25th Jan and 1st March respectively. The accompanying videos are vibrant, fun and showcase their enthusiasm when playing live. Citing musical influences ranging from Paramore, Catfish and the Bottlemen, to Coin and The Night Café, AMPLIFY wrote of Bought It for the Bottle: “This is an emerging band to keep your ear on. Their work is thoughtful and radiates charm.”