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Chancelvy Lomeka , is a dynamic, multi genre, musician, producer, artist, songwriter and mixing engineer. Unfazed by growing trends; experienced in music’s mainstream outlet, Chancelvy creates new and also fuses multiple genre’s in all instrumentals and original songs that he creates. Chancelvy’s 17 year musical journey began at the tender age of 7, where he started to teach himself the Piano, whilst acquiring tips and aid from experienced players within his church. At the young age of 10 Chancelvy would begin to gig with his mother regularly, who sang authentic African music making him confident in performing in front of large crowds at a young age. Known as the ‘Music Guy’ in secondary school, Chancelvy would annually land lead roles in the schools heavily funded musicals e.g. The wizard of oz, Little shop of horrors, Bugsy Malone and more. After performing and playing in front of local MP’s, British celebrities and Lord Mayor of London, by age 15, Chancelvy ventured out into the real world and began developing himself as a producer and musician. Working his way up in the underground music scene for over seven years and actively gigging for over a decade. The young artists has a unique amount of experience for his age, which is evident in the soul and emotion emitted from his music and lyrics. After spending the majority of his teenage years being involved in his church youth choir, Chancelvy supported the choir by providing voice training to the singers whilst also working with the young musicians to develop their skills on the keyboard, drums and guitar. Chancelvy has prepared the choir for the teenage yearly summer conference which attracts hundreds of teenagers from around the United Kingdom and abroad. In 2014 he worked with the choir to present their first Teenage Christmas Production which now has become an annual event. He also served as the liaison person working with the organisation’s technical team to ensure that all musical equipment and audio productions function optimally to enhance the efforts of the youth choir and band. Strong influences from New Age Jazz Fusion, 80’s and 90’s hiphop, country, soul, gospel and R&B, the captivating sounds of artists, musicians and bands such as Robert Glasper, Snarky Puppy, Chick Core, Brandy, William Fitzsimmons, Cory Henry, Jordan Rudess, Aaron Lindsey, Brownstones, Tank and more, provides a vast bank of creative ideas enabling him to produce original and innovative sounds. Chancelvy has an eager heart to learn, not just from people who have become successful in their styles but also from his new clientele & musical friends . Chancelvy develops a unique personal relationship with each artist he works with, in order to tap into their full potential and understand their personal yearning; not only for their music to be heard but also their individuality and story to be expressed clearly in their tracks which in tern holds a strong influence on the multiple works he creates.