Dead At Eleven

Dead At Eleven were formed at a gig at The Dublin Castle in Camden. Bandless singer Clark, stood in the audience, was impressed with the tight rhythm section of the band on stage and cornered James and Andre after the gig insisting that he was far better than their current singer. An audition followed, as did a sacking and a hiring. On holiday in the South of France they saw a band with a great lead guitarist. Introducing themselves as Dead At Eleven (it had been a long day and the elevent hour proved hard to handle) they convinced Henry to move to England with them. A few weeks later he turned up at the band's rehearsal studio in North London with a Gretsch in his hand and a baguette in his trousers. 

Dead At Eleven are Londoners from Brazil, France and England whose shared love of Black Sabbath, Metallica, The Prodigy and Queens of the Stone Age has been influenced by this cross cultural heritage. Driving, relentless guitars and great vocal melodies form the spine of their sound, which for a rock band has a refreshing mission: to make people dance and forget about real life.

“Powerful, entertaining and mesmerising. Watch these guys.” - Stephen Dixon, Sky News

The band have played at various large venues such as the O2 Academy and The Garage and also played at the Cambridge Rock Festival, where they supported Jimi Hendrix's brother Leon. Their 3 EPs have received enthusiastic reviews.

“Dead At Eleven has something new in their sound. A very promising band.” -

“I can’t really think of any other band that is playing real genuine rock ’n’ roll like this.” -