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The Fabricators

The Fabricators are a caramelised post-punk band from South London, stirring psych grooves into honey-glazed grunge-pop.

Plymouthian-guitarist-schoolfriends James Matejka and Mark Beckett were reunited in the UK capital after half a decade of geographical estrangement, an impressive two thousand and fifteen years after the birth of Christ. They were soon joined by Marcus Aitken, who, by turn of happy fortune, could play the drums. To complete the line up and dramatically reduce the band's average age, young Joseph (also Matejka) picked up the bass, in at least two ways. Crucially, their ages now span, for the time being, from 20 to 28.

The lyrics are weird and the sound is hefty psychedelia. A din of angry yet clinical drums rattle the heart as unapologetic filth from Beckett's fender gropes and interferes with Matejka's shimmering melodies. All this is underpinned by big, driving, unflinching bass lines from the deft hands of tiny Joe. What's more, the front pair have taken the daring and bold decision to sing at the same time as playing their guitars.
The term 'Caramelised Post-Punk' has been coined somewhere along the line, in an attempt to classify The Fabricator's sound. This is believed to be in reference to the unique marriage of celestial arpeggiated melodies with murky guitar fuzz. Or more conceptually put: Keira Knightly wallowing in a sewer.

With a combined weight of approximately 49 stone, The Fabs are carrying themselves and their sonic equipment to put on shows to remember, or at least not be forgotten for a while...

The Fabricators - 'Jangly Rob' (2017)

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10 February
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