The Falmouths

The Falmouths are a British Rock band, formed by Joshua Weaver ( Guitar & Vocals ), Lucas Persin ( Guitar & Vocals ), Samuel Albinson ( Drums ) and Joss Henderson ( Bass & Vocals ).
After prolonging starting a band for more than a year due to College and University deadlines, Joshua Weaver and Lucas Persin, who met while still at secondary school, decided it was their time to get a piece of the pie in the music industry. Through a mutual love of music they set off to make their bones as musicians & artists. With ambition at heart, they decided to call up Joshua’s College mate, Samuel Albinson, to join as the band’s drummer, who had previously expressed his desire to merge in the noise. The last member to join was bassist Joss Henderson, who despite going to a different Sixth Form College than the other members of the band, was introduced to them by a mutual friend, and so it began.
In the months after their line-up was complete, the lads rehearsed constantly, working on new songs and getting ready to record their first single, Walking Where the Devil Dances.
For the upcoming months, the band is set to take to the road, while still working hard to write and release many more singles in the future.