Gasbin Bapeer

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Hello everyone what's happening. My name is Gasbin Bapeer. I am a musician and singer-songwriter living in Glasgow. Some artists I love are The Beatles,Joni Mitchell,The Clash,Leonard Cohen,Aaliyah,Jeff Buckley,Sade,Bob Dylan,Pearl Jam etc. And some genres I love are Rock,Blues Rock,Soul,Punk,Funk, RnB,Indie,Alternative etc.

I am originally Kurdish and lived in The Netherlands for a while before moving to Scotland. What I experienced and saw in both places have inspired my work.

Soundcloud Link:

I currently just finished recording my song SunShooter at a studio and you are more than welcome to have a listen (link is above) It was a great learning experience.I am also supporting a band during their EP release gig and I'm playing another gig as well both in March. Which I'm very thankful for.

Thank you for your time and take care.

Always Mad Love