The Grand Parade

The Grand Parade are a 4 piece indie/rock band originating from Swansea. They have a dedicated following in South Wales and London and are currently gigging throughout the UK with their fan base growing every day. The group have been XFM's band of the week, have had radio play in numerous countries across the globe and were also featured on the compilation "Tour De Force: One" which saw worldwide release.

"They seemed to make the room stop and listen"... "something many bands fail to do." - Claire Richards, React, Live Review

"The Grand Parade is definitely a band to remember, look forward to, embrace, enjoy, dance to and cherish." - Karla Evans, QMUM, E.P Review

"There is something grand about this band, a bigger purpose, almost as if we're about to embark on a journey..." - Kevin Barnes,

"...The more you listen, the more right it sounds, it's almost guaranteed you'll go straight back to the start and listen to the whole thing straight through again; it takes the first listen or two to fully digest and appreciate what The Grand Parade have to offer, but the more you listen, the more you find and the deeper you fall under the spell..."

"... you may well get lost and emerge a few hours later with nothing in your head other than the epic music that's just passed through your ears."