The Greedy Souls

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We are The Greedy Souls, a 4-piece rock band from West Yorkshire. We are 4 lads with a love for music and ready to smash 2019!

SouthWaves Audio
"The Greedy Souls bring their own uniqueness to the rock and roll musical table. What they have to offer is something strong, sprightly and infectious."
"With this level of skill, strong sense of artistic purpose, perseverance and drive, there’s no reason why ‘The Greedy Souls’ wont actually rule."

The Sound
"Boasting brilliantly confident lyrics, "We Will Rule" sees the band state that "our music is power" - brave words for a first release, but ones the four-piece can certainly live up to; the track has the makings of a great alternative rock tune, and I can only imagine future releases will see The Greedy Souls progress even further with their sound."

Local Sound Focus
"The Greedy Souls’ debut single ‘We Will Rule’ is what we might call a statement of intent, a setting out of their stall, it let’s us know what to expect from them. This thing rocks, it rocks in a kinda alternative rock, heavy rock way. But it is loud, the guitars growl, it has riffs to die for and the louder you play it the better it sounds."

Pete Maher (U2, Jack White, Rolling Stones, Katy Perry etc)
"I just had the pleasure of mastering 'The Greedy Souls' latest tracks and they sound fantastic. An exciting new band with great potential. Definitely worth checking out"