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Next playing:
19 May

Hollie Gautiér

Throughout everything I've been through emotionally growing up, music has been the only consistent factor. The good and bad of my life has shaped my music to have the honest, soulful and authentic tone that it does. I want people of all ages, genders, races and backgrounds to feel united and empowered by my music and to understand that they don't have to feel bad for feeling vulnerable or let down, or loved or used, because it's cool to care enough about something in the first place. That's why I aspire to singer- songwriters like Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen who always paint the bad just as much as the good in their songs and use their own life experience to fuel their lyrics. In a generation where people are playing to a game of popularity, I want to be the voice telling people it's ok to feel whatever they want to feel and to not hide away and be proud of their genuine selves. I want people to relate to my story and through that understand that they only human and are just trying to figure out life like the rest of us.

Hollie Gautiér | The Official Trailer

Upcoming events with Hollie Gautiér

19 May
The Camden Assembly