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Next playing:
19 April
£7 ADV

Joannah Pax

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Pop music plays a role in subverting regimes and starting revolutions. Where necessary it challenges political order and brings down barriers that divide communities. When Joannah Pax was born in Eastern Europe in the late 1980s, pop music played its part in bringing the East and the West closer together. In her early childhood, Joannah Pax was exposed to pop music by her father, who played Queen and Pink Floyd to her time and time again. This has forged the connection with progressive sounds, captivating guitar riffs and Freddie Mercury, who has remained her biggest inspiration to date. Joannah Pax formed her first band in Poland, with musicians who, like her, wanted to construct social inclusion through their musical ideas. The values of freedom and diversity were carried in Joannah Pax's first songs- a manifesto to shape surrounding reality on her own terms. Joannah Pax has developed her style through influences such as Fleetwood Mac's anguished chord progression and reckless harmonies of Queen that resonate loud in her compositons. The influence of other cult artists of the Seventies and Eighties period is prominent in her music and often blended with Eastern European folk music traditions. Since moving to London, Joannah Pax has been collaborating with many gifted artists to further shape her musical identity. Colour green and its associations have become prominent in her music and performances. Plants and projections of nature from her homeland and places she visited form important part of her stage persona. In 2018, Joannah Pax was joined by London based young talents and started regular shows. The current line up is Joannah Pax (vocals), Michael Nash (drums), Dorian Cloudsley (guitar), Yasin Bayraktar (keyboard). The band is showcasing their latest music in London venues throughout 2019 and is expected to be seen in music festivals around the UK and mainland Europe. Joannah Pax is currently working on her debut EP with her producer and friend, Bastien Testori. The planned release date is April 2019.

Chains live at the Islington

Upcoming events with Joannah Pax

19 April
Spice Of Life
£7 ADV