Joe Asteroid

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Joe Asteroid is an indie rock artist with glitter tears. Her music took shape in Stockholm, Sweden. She left her home in Sweden to further pursue her career with her band in London, where she is now based. Her influences are a mix between The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, The Killers and The Smiths. Joe Asteroid is well known for having glitter tears as her trademark, which she wears to emphasise her positive attitude to life. Her melancholic lyrics illuminates that she’s led a life with a lot of setbacks, and with her glitter tears she favours that every tragedy can be turned in to something beautiful. The music of Joe Asteroid is a combination of life on earth and the universe itself. It reflects how the artist’s always felt like a UFO, flying around and trying to find a safe place to land in this world she holds so dearly. It’s always been a mystery to her how she’s always felt so at home in nature and her surroundings, yet such an alien to the people inhabiting it.