Joe Kelly & The Royal Pharmacy

It's easy to consign the idea of the itinerant blues singer to myth (Robert Johnson) or caricature (Seasick Steve) but in 2019, Joe Kelly is as close as you'll get to the real thing.
Having spent the last couple of years calling a dilapidated camper van home and playing hundreds of shows armed with just a beaten-up guitar, a stomping foot, and a harmonica, Joe decided that enough was enough, breaking free of the limitations of the one-man band and enlisting the services of a hand-picked troupe of local guns for hire, the 'Royal Pharmacy'.
The group's debut single 'Devil At Your Door' proved an immediate hit among regional radio DJ's with its roots instrumentation and contemporary edge, earning the band a BBC Horizons grant. The Launchpad funding saw Joe Kelly & The Royal Pharmacy begin work on their debut album at the renowned Monnow Valley Studios.