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Lance Prime

From the tender age of 5, he knew what his calling was when he was barely holding on to his uncle's karaoke microphone. Born into a predominantly musical family, Lance's passion for music would prove somewhat inevitable with both his parents and his uncle and aunt all members of the LCGC (London Community Gospel Choir) during the early 90's.

Having joined his church choir at aged 6, his passion for performing solidified, having moved from one of the backing vocals to lead vocalist in just under a year. It was due to this rapid progression that prompted his mother to enrol him in piano lessons.

Lance spent many of his years honing his skills under the direction of his uncle, very well known gospel singer Nathan Prime who has built himself a home studio which Mav began to take advantage of by recording his first rough demo at the tender age of 12. It was at this point, Lance found his true calling.

Lance went through a series of transitional phases musically throughout the course of his teenage and adult years, joining different crews and undertaking different projects but then finally found home when he and childhood friend DJ Switch decided to start their own label and production company, SQUAD Media.

Lance is beginning work on his 4th EP entitled "PREVIEW" and it is a follow up to his previous projects "Most Advanced", "Room 1402" & "Hear Me".