Mandy For Girls

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Mandy for Girls is a grunge/rock band from Dorset. Mia, Ollie and Polly and Ruby became a four-piece band in 2015. Since then, the band have been gigging locally and writing more and more. Prior to Ruby joining the band, Mia, Ollie and Polly started out by writing songs and performing them to their families and friends in various living rooms across Dorset.
Mandy For Girls’ first release, an EP titled 'Fishnets' was released in 2016 exclusively on Soundcloud. This was the first taste of their original material to go public. This was followed up with their professionally released EP, 'Pretty', consisting of four original tracks and is available on most music streaming and purchasing platforms. On the 13th January 2018, the band got their first ever BBC Radio feature on BBC Radio Solent’s BBC Music Introducing show. The song ‘Wait it Out’ was chosen to be played and got a great response. This success was followed up with the entire EP being played on the station, a feat that we are very proud. Since then, we have been playing further and further from home and would love to share our music with as many people as possible. The band are continuing now to expand their portfolio of original songs and continuing to get booked for events with a new EP due to be released later this year.