Morrell, is a Hip-Hop artist and spoken word poet from High Wycombe, UK, and comes from the creative mind of Dan Morrell. From an early age, music took a front row seat in Morrell’s life; first starting Hip-Hop under the name, YungStar, and then changing to Morrell, once his music was refined and matured. Morrell first started around four years ago, and developed into a six-piece band, with friends from university. The band released ‘Placing My Statement’ & “Live To Tell The Tale’, and played shows under Gentleman’s Dub Club. While the band had success in their hometown, university ended and in turn, the band ended.

Morrell was then on hiatus from creating music for a short time, but is now back and with more honest, open and hard hitting lyrics than ever before. He mixes his deep and meaningful lyrics over classic Hip-Hop beats, and the two combine perfectly. His latest release, ‘Where You Been’, has been widely well received by fans, and visuals dropped for his latest track on his own YouTube channel, growing his fanbase organically. SBTV & Global Faction have featured some of Morrell’s previous work, including ‘One Of Those Days’, ‘Late Nights, Early Mornings’ & ‘Paper Chase’. BBC Introducing have showcased Morrell once again through radio and live performances, after the release of his latest single. Morrell doesn’t shy away from the reality that is real life and this is transpired through his music. His music makes you reflect and leaves you with the taste of inspiration in your mouth. please complete