Motif Garçons

Motif Garçons is a newly formed indie rock band from London, England. Created by Franco-American frontman, Eric Maudhuit, the band is looking to leave their own unique mark on the genre, whilst heralding the traditions of such indie rock Hall of Famers as, the Arctic Monkeys, the Kings of Leon and the Killers. If their Bush Hall premiere is anything to go by, don’t be surprised if you find yourself hands aloft and singing along to unfamiliar songs you feel you’ve known for years thanks to their catchy riffs, memorable hooks, and contagious animation on stage. Following this spectacular debut, les garçons are now heading down the road to the Notting Hill Arts Club for their next performance on the 14th of September. This new and talented group is one to keep an eye on, and is expecting to release its first EP by year’s end.