no mad

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no mad is a London, alternative funk-rock band formed in 2017 by nomadic professional musicians from various parts of Europe to play songs from mysterious songwriter "The Creator", never heard before. After the album Motions in Black was recorded in 2017, drummer "D"(The Doctor) left for Portugal and the band regrouped with "The NO" at the lead guitar, "The M" at the bass and "The A" (The Allien) both singing and drumming. The all-original 10-track album was released on streaming platforms in 2018, with internet radios and independent bloggers raving about the band's unique style modernizing the 1990s. True to their alternative knitting, the no mad are now trailblazing the iconic rock venues of the London underground with their blend of upbeat English rock and continental funk, without ever falling pray to the obvious. A London band at heart, their poetic lyrics and memorable melodies fast forward us through their nomadic life in this big bad world. We are all nomads, they would argue, but they are resolutely "no mad". The energy in the power trio is communicative and "The Allien" singer-drummer performance is sure to get you hitting the dance floor. Bring your lighters for the final (title) song Motions in Black!

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