One Line to an Angle

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Today’s musicians are so imbued with decades of influences that the art they produce is often hard to classify, and become harder by the day. R&B and rap have always held hands throughout the ’80s and ’90s, but in the increasingly technological age, a more industrial, techno and electronic sound has started to creep into hip-hop. The worlds of hip-hop and electronic music have coexisted on similar planes for years. Whether you talk about the art of tearing up clubs, or driving youth culture, electronic music and hip-hop often trade places as the top driver of youth trends. When the two genres unite there can be inspiring results. ONE LINE TO AN ANGLE, is one such Hip Hop Electronic music duo. David is an electronic music producer from Spain based in London, while his partner, Costi, is a British rapper born in London with Cypriot roots. The two met via the internet when David was looking for collaborations for a new track he had made.