Onyx & The Red Lips

‘Onyx & The Red Lips’ is leading the rebirth of the retro vocal ensemble, backed by soul-shaking folk and evocative, vivid lyrics. Featuring three singers, the band pushes the bounds of swing and pop, drawing inspiration from folk, soul and the Blues.
Originating as a solo project, focus was placed on building impressive vocal harmonies which give the music its character and which subsequently gave rise to ‘Onyx & The Red Lips’ as an ensemble. This singular motif evokes trios from the 40s and 50s like the "Andrews Sisters" and the "Chordettes".
The band provides a refreshingly modern and uniquely personal take on the fifties world taken straight from monochrome American films. Enraptured by the groovy tones of a double bass and the jazzy beats of a drum; the music gradually intoxicates its audience with upbeat and captivating melodies, a contagious swing vibe and an emphatically retro and glamorous tone which gives rise to an eclectic composition that pushes euphonic boundaries.