The Racket

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This young four piece from Widnes caused a right old buzz amongst the followers of the Merseyside music scene when they first emerged at the back end of 2016. Bristling with attitude and confidence, The Racket sing songs that reflect the hopes and aspirations of them and their friends – the Post Brexit Generation. Their anthemic Faded Days deals with being stuck in a dead end, low paid job and hating it and wanting to escape this grim reality. Don’t Know What To Say is a prime example of their musical muscularity. It’s a huge sonic forearm smash to the senses, which references one of their musical heroes, The Sex Pistols. It’s also a call- to-arms shout out that The Clash would absolutely sign up for, and one that catches the zeitgeist of their particular demographic. The Racket have given musical expression to these social, political and economic frustrations in a very powerful way. Live, the band is a swirling, frenetic, cascade of energy, more speed than weed, typified by Dom’s dervish drumming, the solid anchoring of Colby’s bass, and the dual guitar attack of Callum and Mikey. They own any stage they set foot on – totally – and bristle with power- chord confidence, guitar-god riffs and attitude that would make Gallagher Jnr take notice... In a short time they have played their own headline sold out shows at Liverpools Zanzibar Club and Manchester’s Night and Day. They completed their first UK tour in 2017 supporting Louis Berry on numerous dates up and down the country then topped off with a hometown gig with Trampolene. Such creativity, melded with high energy enthusiasm, has been rewarded by them been listed by This Feeling as one of the big in 2018 bands. Their trajectory is steep and they are building momentum with every lager stained, sweat drenched show – and that’s just the front row. Having recently finished recording with Al Groves in the Motor museum, the second release is finished and will be coming out later this year to coincide with a tour and music video. The Racket evoke with every gig, with every song, with every “tell it as it is” lyric, that Summer Spirit of ’76, that culturally and musically important period before they were even born. But they absolutely nail that attitude, absolutely every single time. Because they have to.

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