Scott Swain & The Sinners

Scott has been performing as a solo artist since August 2016, where he first appeared at Standon Calling festival. Although he has been likened to Nick Cave on many occasions, and even The National, his main source of influence is cinema.Each of his songs are written about particular films which have left their mark on him. In June 2017 The Sinners were recruited to bring a bigger, more dynamic live experience to the shows. These reprobates come from bands' Scott has shared a stage with, or has been in a band with. Each Sinner has his own musical project, aside from this, which illustrates their artistic excellence. Scott Swain & the Sinners are always happy to drink away with anyone willing to share the stains of their soul, and repent. Get ready to wash away your sins!

Scott Swain - Like Nothing Else (Official)