The Shantlys

Hailing from Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire, The Shantlys were formed in a time where record deals existed, rock stars were twisted, and last orders meant, guitars were passed to the gifted.

The band were very much inspired by Oasis, and as a result were obsessed with other influences such as The Beatles, Stones, The Who and The Sex Pistols. This however didn’t really form the sound that people associate with the band. Johnny Cash, his lyrics and rhythm has evidently been a very big influence, but what’s more prominent is the musicianship that lies in Motown music. The beats, the melodies, harmonies and lyrics is what inspires the bands writers. Rock n roll is king, until the Motown begins.

The band have toured for years, playing thousands of shows while being fortunate to play alongside more than one of their idles. They have recorded EPs and albums at prestigious studios such as Abbey Road and Sawmills studios and they are still just getting started.