Sir & the Ivanoe

Born in 1990, at the age of 7 he came across his first instrument: the piano.
Within the years, it started to be enormously useful as a great support in his songwriting process.
He embraced his first Fender at 15 and along with it first bands came out of the ground, new perspectives, great experiences alla cross Northern Italy and Switzerland.

In 2011 all the band experiences slowly started to fade away: it was time to musically grow up and going a little deeper and put under the spotlight his songwriter side.
His solo project then begun.
Graduated in June’16 at the British & Irish Modern Music (BIMM) Institute in London, in Popular Music Performance, he travels back and forth from Italy (his original country) to the UK, playing as many live shows as he can.
He’s currently recording his first 100% and self-produced three-song EP “Smell of bread & singing crows” which will be released in Spring 2017.
He is “Sir & the Ivanoe”.