State of Millenia

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We are State Of Millenia, a Pop Punk/Easycore band from Colchester, Essex. We take influences from both Pop Punk and Metal and merge them together with massive Choruses, catchy Hooks and ice the cake with bone-rattling Breakdowns. Playing in Drop A on 7-Stringed Guitars really compensates the way we write and the extended chords we use. People have often compared us to Four Year Strong meets Blink 182 which we take as a massive compliment. We formed as a band in the early months of 2016 after writing our first song together. Since then, we spent almost over a year writing songs and working on what will soon be our Debut EP. We were fortunate enough to be able to tease 2 tracks twice from the EP on BBC Introducing in Essex in Mid December and February and also played a live acoustic set in the studio on BBC Introducing in Essex in February. The love we have received was and still is from beyond our expectations. We have just recorded our Debut EP titled 'Freakshow' with Daniel Kerr at Avenue Studios who's recorded such artists as: Our Hollow Our Home, Death Remains, Shields UK, Griever and many other artists. The EP consists of 5 tracks and is was released on November 13th on all Major Music Platforms.