We Are Animals

From the dodgiest ends of the UK’s capital, We Are Animals are one of the most exciting new acts to crawl out of obscurity in a good few years.

Originally hailing from leafy Derby; Josh, Dave and Tom have been a tight set of performers, gigging their way across the country and settling in London. There they added Steve to their Line-up and found a bigger, more complex sound that showed the first glimmers of what would become We Are Animals.

After working on new material and gigging, the quartet has put together a collection of songs with increasing complexities and an absolutely enormous sound.

Their self-titled debut EP, which is set for imminent release, features a range of dinosauric sounds.

After listening to this band, and seeing them live, it is clear that there could only be one name for them.

Watch out for We Are Animals touring, as this is truly a band who won’t disappoint.

We Are Animals - Swings and Roundabouts [Official Music video]