26 February



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26 February

Ailen plus support at HOXTON UNDERBELLY

Ailen (pronounced “i-len”) is a Portuguese alternative / progressive rock singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Mainly inspired by the likes of Queen, Muse, Steven Wilson and more, her album Colibri (Hummingbird) was released under the name Liane and focused on the socio-political and economic Portuguese reality. Ailen is now developing her second studio work, further delving into the progressive rock genre.



Soothseer is a refreshing mix of Psychedelic Rock and the Occult - blues infused with Heathenism trying to breach the London music scene.
The band is David A. Marin, Ananya Panwar, Ze Pedro Viveiros and Naim Vahidi.
We started playing last year and since then we have compiled a dense portfolio of songs that swim across different psych subgenres, from heavier tunes to funkier grooves, homogenously kept together by the lyrical themes - Pagan history and historical injustice, love, stoned kids on deserted highways in Eastern Europe.
Each musician brings something to the table - Ananya's vocals spike the acoustics with beautifully epic high melodies, syncing perfectly with her bass - David brings theatre to the frontman position and joins heavy guitar riffs with slide parts on a beautiful baritone-resonator, Naim brings versatile drum parts and bridges the songs with pure groove and Ze brings his experience as a skilled jazz guitarist that is comfortable in every genre, from world music to heartbreak blues.
We also bring all sorts of “wyrd” instruments into the mix, such as the jew's harp or the Scandinavian bukkehorn.

Magik Moka

Magik Moka born after the experimental-prog band WAP met the singer Jordan and the guitarist Jake; together they started to work on a new multi-influenced project that mixes dynamically elements from Alt-Rock and Indie with the Experimental-Prog background from the previous works.


Teetering between the thin lines of dream pop and alternative rock, Wondergeist deliver a laid back but hauntingly romantic stream of sound to the stage. From the nations of America, Scotland and New Zealand this trio brings the Shoegaze sound to London. Their second album 'The Gulf' was released last Spring with a packed house at the famous George Tavern in Shadwell bearing witness. 2020 starts with the band in a folkier guise with the recent addition of James Hulme on mandolin.

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Strictly 18+ (I.D may be required)


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