19 April
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19 April


The Mighty Fallen are an exciting live band, a deep and interesting recording force who's lineup is as varied as the music they produce. From melodic flowing riffs to short sharp rock with a definite funky side, it is hard to pigeonhole. Formed in 2012, the Mighty Fallen are the result of a coming together of a group of friends and family members who cut their teeth in the music scene all around the U.K. from as far back as the late 80's. Mathew Champney is without doubt the driving force and main composer in the band and his mildly eccentric nature and enviable zest for life is evident throughout the bands music. In 2012, through chance, Mat got together with guitarist and vocalist, James Cowan through their mutual love of Ice Hockey of all things and a friendship was struck with the two immersed themselves in musical composition, spending endless hours putting together complex and accomplished progressions, not many of which, however ever saw the light of day. However, it was through this partnership and the Cracking drums of Max Champney and funky flow of Mark Bower's bass lines that they learned their composing craft and more importantly, how to work together musically, laying the foundation for the years to come. Danny Sheehan is a master in the recording studio with guitar fingers that flow with years of photographic memories of his passion for music.
The Mighty Fallen are definitely a band who are as comfortable in the studio as they are on stage. Their time is split between both worlds and they embrace creativity in both arenas. They allow themselves to indulge in those old elaborate progressions that have always been a natural part do their writing, whilst still managing to produce modern songs with grit, angst and edge.
Definitely not a band that you could predict but, definitely a band that light up the stage at any venue and to look out for in the future.

Discography: "Classic Tale of Woe" E.P. 2015, Spotify & All major platforms. "Artificial Ignorance" Double album Cd. 2017. Available on all platforms.

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