16 May



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16 May

Saults plus support at The Underbelly

At the early age of 6, Antoine Saults (lead guitar / vocals) was offered his very first guitar. Shortly after, his little brother, Greg Saults (drums / vocals) followed in his footsteps in the hope of being in a band “like the Beatles”: from all of his 7 years of age, he decided to be a drummer. Ten years later, their dream came true in the form of the band SAULTS. 

In July 2014, the two brothers came across Axel Castets (bass / choirs) as he was getting off the stage in Bordeaux. The chemistry between the three friends was obvious and greatly fueled by the funk, rock and pop style Antoine injected in his original compositions. With Antoine Huc (guitars / vocals) and Thomas Ribes (keyboards / vocals), rehearsals and gigs were their daily lot in 2015 and 2016: Le Rocher de Palmer (Bordeaux), Rock School Barbey (Bordeaux), Théâtre Georges-Leygues (Villeneuve-sur-Lot), Moulin Rouge (Paris), Le Florida (Agen)…

In the beginning of 2016, they decided to record an EP and shot the video of its main title, “I Wanna Jam”, with the help of director Sam de Salvador. They sold over 1.500 copies and, to this day, “I Wanna Jam” has been viewed nearly 20.000 times on YouTube. A short trip to London in the spring of 2017 allowed them to play a couple of rather cheered gigs. Their minds were made up: they would move to there in September in order to live their dream and share their own music style with the British people. 

Their very last french gig before moving to London was at the Pruneau Show, in Agen, where they opened for a true Londoner, Julian Perretta, in front of a 9,000 people audience. Some might say it was a sign…

Now, Antoine, Greg and Axel live London and Saults, as a trio, has been playing regularly in different venues. Last November, they won the Yamaha « Funk it up Thursdays » finals which has granted them the right and the honour to play at The Love Supreme festival 2018 ! And it’s only the beginning…

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Strictly 18+ (I.D may be required)

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