09 February



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09 February

THREE KINGS HIGH are a bunch of mongrels from around the UK who currently reside in Bristol
city, making music you can sexy dance, stomp, row and drink to! Their sound is modern Sleazo-
Indie-Rock and Roll that has been influenced and molded by American 90’s hip-hop, as much as
British rock history.
They weave a rich tapestry of working-class anthems, songs of debauch love affairs, unrequited
affections, anxiety, depression, hating your friends and filthy council estate sexcapades all the
while showcasing strong musicianship with a poetic soul.
They’re marking themselves out from the try-hard scenesters and navel gazers of today’s self-obsessed
music scene and making it about the music again!

“Their neo-soul, punk rock waves and shimmering melodies hit all the right notes.”

The band are currently in Bristol’s Foxhole Studio working on new material, following a stint on the
road promoting their latest release ‘They Think They’re People’. This is the second album from the
outfit since their debut ‘HAIL’, both of which gained national coverage through radio and press alike.
With members from all four corners of the UK, each bringing a unique musical taste and background
to the table, from hip-hop producers to gospel songbirds, jazz bassists, and blues aficionados’, the
melting pot of this bands input produces something brand new yet familiar, no-nonsense and
somehow distinctively British and Indie in its sensibilities.

“Three Kings High build their songs from strong guitar riffs and memorable choruses, their indie
attitude willfully refuses to let them follow any of the signposts pointing to the obvious route”

Starting out in dive bars up and down the country and soon after, becoming one of Bristol’s’ latest
major exports, the band soon got a reputation around the UK for their raucous live performances
and infectious tracks. Erudition and intensity have earned Three Kings High the respect of all the
right people: die-hard Rock fans, industry insiders and most importantly, their peers. Gaining praise
from the likes of Huey Morgan and Tom Robinson from Radio 6 and most recently championed by
Rock and Roll legends ‘The Troggs’ after supporting them on their UK tour, alongside The Animals
and The Yardbirds

‘They’re a cool British Rock band like they used to make and they just don’t give a f**k’’

“A band at the peak of their powers”

“The songs are just a great blend of style and influences but importantly they retain a soul.”

“Three Kings High are just white boys doing dirty, black men funk rawk and they’re making it fun
and they’re making it impossible to

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Strictly 18+ (I.D may be required)

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