Lonely Eddie

Lonely Eddie is a London based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist performing atmospheric, emotional, electronic pop. At live shows described as 'stadium worthy' you will find him surrounded by a rig of pedals, drum pads, cymbals and synths performing as a one man band.
"The best live session of the year, if not ever" - BBC Introducing.

More here: https://spark.adobe.com/page/aVhTXXEG5S3hR/


LIO is an ambient alt-pop format fronted by Leonie Sloots. The Netherlands-born, Sheffield-based songwriter has taken the stage supporting acts such as Estrons, Our Girl, Skinny Pelembe, Slow Club, Stevie Parker and While She Sleeps. In May 2018 LIO launched as a full band, further building their eclectic sound compared to the likes of Florence and the Machine and Daughter.


Sereva are a music duo formed of two brothers based in London.

Neil-James Atkinson and David Sereva Atkinson were born and raised in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to an English Father and a Papua New Guinean Mother. However due to an extended period of unemployment Neil-James and David made the move to London for work.

However this is 'unfortunate' event may have just been the biggest opportunity and wake-up-call they could have asked for. Finding themselves in a musical melting pot, they were inspired to start a career of their own using London as a base and platform.

Liza Lo

Electronic artist 'Liza Lo' has her roots in Amsterdam. She combines organic sounds and her captivating voice to guide you through a journey inside her head with both upbeat and low tempo magical productions.


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Brighton based Whogosays is a South African born DJ/Producer and vocalist. He has spent the last few years experimenting with different genres which allows his music to tap into different styles. Being self taught on guitar and piano, he uses a series of percussion instruments throughout his electronic compositions.

His sound would be described as Celestial Electronic house music with elements of folk.

Delight A Thief

A reflection of their Bristolian habitat in a melt of psych rock, dub-reggae and electronica. Drenched in psychedelia their oceanic airwaves reminisce the Floyd days with an undeniable flare. Line up consists of Harmony Knight (Lead Vocals), Alejandro Invernizzi (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Sindbad Gillam (Keyboard/Synth/Vocals), Jake Gazzard (Bass Guitar/Rhythm Guitar) and Danny Waldron (Drums/Vocals). A successful summer UK tour in 2018 unleashed their well-brewed material and saw D.A.T release their debut single Loud Noises to the world.


Starting as an acoustic singer songwriter, Rowe has been progressing throughout her experimentations over the past 2 years, to fall into the prefect place she always imagined her music to be. With influence of Bon Iver, RY X and Daughter, she has taken her traditional folk roots and formed them into eerie ambient music with an indie edge.
Influenced by poetry and people watching her music can make you feel at home and accepted but also create the feeling that there is so much more and things are not always what they seem.


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