Tzarina Nassor

'I just like to create experiences in all forms'. Tzarina Nassor is a London based artist with an eclectic range. Despite her alternative sound, her musical journey started by picking up a guitar at age 8, strumming until she had a blister, and listening to classical music every morning and every night. Since then she has been composing, as well as songwriting, for 10 years and her style is as eclectic as her playlists. One can't pinpoint the quality but whatever the song you'll somehow know it's her.


Surup is a 4 piece band based in South East London. Based on the songwriting of duo Lily and Lucy the band demonstrates a mix between ambient, poignant numbers and jangly riffs with driven layers.


Oli is a London based alt-pop songwriter with influences from Melanie Martinez and Banks. She has successfully collaborated with Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) and has remixes by Oxide & Neutrino. In the summer of 2018 Oli featured at the Isle of Wight festival.


Jetlines are a trio from Nottingham UK. Originally created by Jess ( Singer/ Songwriter for Jetlines ) who had been writing and performing solo for quite some time, but after getting together with her two pals ( Ned and Tom ) they soon became said trio.

Jess draws her creative writing inspiration from real life events and with the guys they create a similar atmospheric sound to Bon Iver, aiming to create music that takes their listeners to a different place - Some sort of relaxed escapism


Comprised of lead singer & songwriter Topher, Andrei (guitarist, keys), and Cat (drummer), TOPHER+BANG artfully combine soulful vocal performances with gargantuan hooks and modern pop sensibilities. Think Clean Bandit meets Bruno Mars meets John Legend. Intricate vocal harmonies with lush, emotive textures supported by infectious rhythm.


British alt-pop collective Dyme are an alluring new breed of four-piece band, who infuse a colourful spectrum of genres with lyrics that are both intriguing and relatable. Based in Cardiff, they have been together for the last two years, spending time developing their own unique sound. In December 2017, the group released their debut singles, ‘Prove Me Wrong’ and ‘wht.yth’, gaining attention from local tastemakers and fans alike.


"The heart of Elbow with a Massive Attack brain, the ageless love child of James Blake and Peter Gabriel. With honest words and evolving textures, he turns stunning lyric and melody into a storm of the wildest soundscapes."

Silent Cities

Toying with guitar sounds transformed using brooding and expansive electronic effects, with a voice that soars above the rest in angelic fashion. Comparisons to an electro-folk Jeff Buckley can be forgiven when you hear his music live and on record, but that's not all: his music also has this incredible world feel too. Listen and you'll be hooked!

Silent Cities is the alias of experimental recording artist, S. Maddison. Featured on BBC 6 Music and BBC Introducing.


Guildford, England-based singer-songwriter and producer Alex Mckenzie, Shywolf delivers a unique fusion of downbeat electronica and pop, which he found after discovering artists like Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Haux and Bon Iver. His ambient style has often been said to be perfect for listening by the beach. Alex is finishing his degree at ACM music college in Guildford and is focusing on his upcoming releases in August. His recent release, 'Winner Chill Mix', has had some success, having aired on BBC Introducing The South.


FVRmind is the brainchild of Swedish artist and songwriter Isabella Köhler Alvén and Swiss producer Ean2. The debut EP “ENTER” transports us into a world of melancholic down-tempo beats and atmospheric Scandinavian soundscapes.

FVRmind creates a psychedelic and ambient atmosphere with a dash of trip hop. From euphoria to the deepest of doubts, FVRmind invites you to take part of really intimate moments.


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