Hunted By Elephants


Inspired by the rock classics of the 70s, Hunted By Elephants are a high-energy trio renewing the time-honoured union of soaring vocals, growling riffs and energising drum beats. Formed in mid 2018 by Apostolos Liapis (vocals, drums), Roman Flourendzou (guitars) and Raymond Phelan (bass), their riff driven songs have heavy undertones and invoke an atmosphere of the golden years of hard rock from the 70s and beyond.


Cheerful miserablists Squibs play English country-tinged psychedelic rock. Band members are from various backgrounds in rock, pop and folk, and the band was built around the dark and quirky songs of Dave Webster, Dave woke up one morning and started writing songs out of the blue. He didn't stop for 50 days and since then has formed bands to fulfil his vision. This lineup of Squibs is the best yet. ​ Squibs offer something different. Songs of tenderness and rage, from the point of view of outsiders on the edge of life and sanity.

Glass Mantra

We are a 4-piece Progressive Rock band from northwest London that bring the old and the new together into a unique offering for the listeners. Our songs are energetic and push the boundaries of conventional songwriting. Formed in 2017, we recently finalised our line-up and started recording our debut album.


Instagram: @glassmantraband

Twitter: @glassmantra


Howling May Queen is the rock band formed by Simon Hurts and Daniel Ocean in London, October 2017. The group is currently comprised of Daniel Ocean (vocals), Simon Hurts (guitar), Alexander Nighy (bass), Simone Langiu (drums) and they are recording a live EP at the iconic Abbey Road studios (TBA), containing four to five songs which are the quintessential of their sound and influences. The band sets its roots in the classic rock tradition with a solid background of blues and folk, alternating heavy electric shows to intimate and atmospheric acoustic sessions.


Prime are an explosive band from Nottinghamshire/Yorkshire, UK, known for their powerful rock with indie, blues and rock 'n' roll influences. They have recently supported top ten chart band Electric Six at the o2 Academy in Sheffield and o2 Academy in Leicester and Britpop classics Space, and previously played Tramlines Festival in Sheffield, Hockley Hustle Festival in Nottingham and Phoenix Alternative Festival in Wales, amongst others.

Hollow Illusion

Hollow Illusion - Norwegian Metal hailing from Stange

Hollow Illusion is a duo rock band, from Stange,in Norway.
The line up consists of Magnus Mikkelsen Hoel- ( Lead vocals and Drums) and Ove MikkelsHen Hoel (Bass and Backing Vocals).

Daxx & Roxane

Daxx & Roxane, are a “full throttle” 4 piece rock ’n’ roll band originating from Switzerland, now based in London. With Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and AC/DC as their key influences, it’s no wonder that Kerrang! Magazine has hailed them as “tooth-and-nail, testosterone-powered rock.” Their philosophy, that “Rock’n’Roll is all about energy. All about creating an adrenalin rush” is reflected in their intense live shows, as anyone who witnessed their recent storming homecoming gig at the Montreux Jazz Festival would certainly tell you.


For fans of Led Zeppelin, The Who, Rival Sons and The London Souls, SLATER is the brand new solo project of the UK’s Harry Slater. Taking the leap at 21 years of age, SLATER offers a fresh new taste of hard hitting rock n' roll with punchy classic rock riffs made for 2018. With killer songs and energetic live shows, you’ll see for yourself why SLATER has been hailed as a “guitar virtuoso” by Planet Rock Radio. After releasing his debut Single She’s So Fine in June 2018, you will want to catch this kid out on the road.

Doomsday Outlaw

Out of the primordial ooze come DOOMSDAY OUTLAW - a ten-legged hard rock, blues tinged juggernaut based in darkest Derbyshire. Coupling huge riffs and killer grooves with soaring, soulful vocals to deliver timeless tales of heartbreak and redemption, the group is set to show off its distinctive sound to the legions of hard rock faithful around the globe via a new album, 'Hard Times’, which had its worldwide release via Frontiers in May 2018. 

The album quickly gained great reviews from across the globe:


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