Further Than Forever

Originally formed in 2009, Further Than Forever has been through multiple genre and line-up changes, until the current line-up, consisting of Oliver Griffiths (Guitar/Vocals), Tom Morgan (Bass) and Tom Woodward (Drums) was formed in mid 2012. Playing many gigs with many different artists over the years, including Catfish and the Bottlemen and Riding The Low (featuring Paddy Considine), as well as playing at Bloodstock Festival 2016 and Rock & Blues Custom Show 2016, FTF have made a name for themselves locally as 'one of the best live bands Derby has to offer'.

Blind Rhythm

please complA down to earth four piece of talented young rock musicians. Hailing from Newbury and students of the Let's Play Rock stable run by Leo Westby. Based in Rock they also like to branch out into other musical genres such as pop ballads.

They released their first single Something in the Air in 2017 which appears on a Music Hoarders United compilation CD, Sounds Rebound vol. 1 and are now embarking on their own first album.

They have played live gigs both locally and in Southampton and Reading.

Linus Sams group

The Linus Sams group are a powerhouse classic rock band playing original music and featuring the unique rock vocals of founder Linus Sams,it pairs double lead guitar with a tight booming rhythm section,it's basically just loud and proud classic rock at it's best


Dusk, a four-piece rock band playing original material, formed in the summer of 2017, based in Reading, England.

The line-up is vox, guitar, bass and drums, with a quintessentially British Rock sound.

Stoic backbeat, thunderous bass and chugging riffs to blistering guitar solos, all topped off with lead vocals ranging from a visceral growl to a huge vibrato.

Dusk take their lineage from the greats of British Rock, from The Kinks and The Stones through to Led Zeppelin and The Cult arriving somewhere distinctly their own.

Dusk rocks!

Doug Jagger

Glasgow based rock band fronted by Doug Jagger
featuring an all star cast of local established musicians.
Lawrence O’Brien on lead guitar, Stefan Celosia on
bass and Darren Spence on drums. With a combined
experience of over 50 years, Doug Jagger lights up the
stage with infectious melodies, catchy choruses and
the most filthy riffs this side of the equator. Influenced
by artists such as Bryan Adams, Van Halen and Blink
182, Doug Jagger gives rock fans a blend of some of
the most famous and popular rock acts of all time.

Abbie And The Roses

Brand-new British band Abbie and the Roses are primed to burst onto stages worldwide with their infectious debut single “All This Time”, a disarmingly honest break-up tale that heads straight to the heart and just won’t let go. Mixed by world-renowned engineer Geoff Swan (Ed Sheeran, Liam Gallagher, Kings Of Leon, Charlie XCX, Years & Years) Abbie and the Roses’ self-penned and self-produced debut single showcases their expansive sound and deeply personal songwriting, delivering a sharp hit of raw honesty rarely heard in recent years.

District 13

District 13 is a three piece hard alternative rock band that formed in November 2017. Within their first year the band has recorded an album, played regularly and supported the mighty Judas Priest at the Hills of Rock Festival in Bulgaria in July 2018.

Their songs are heavy and uptempo, the band prides themselves on their high energy stage show; lyrically the songs are made of darker themes; with topics including love, loss, desire, conformity and dreams.

sasha & the shades

Sasha & The Shades are a six piece band fronted by Sasha Adamczewski on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, backed by Tom Julian Jones on lead guitar and harmonica, Sam Rutand on bass, and Paul Winter-hart on drums, Eli Rose also on Vocals and finally Arthur Palmer on Keys. Sasha’s powerful voice and mysterious demeanour command the attention of any room and lend themselves to incredibly atmospheric performances. The musicianship, strong backbeat and Texas twang of the band provide an energy that is sure to get any audience’s feet shuffling.

Hunted By Elephants


Inspired by the rock classics of the 70s, Hunted By Elephants are a high-energy trio renewing the time-honoured union of soaring vocals, growling riffs and energising drum beats. Formed in mid 2018 by Apostolos Liapis (vocals, drums), Roman Flourendzou (guitars) and Raymond Phelan (bass), their riff driven songs have heavy undertones and invoke an atmosphere of the golden years of hard rock from the 70s and beyond.


Cheerful miserablists Squibs play English country-tinged psychedelic rock. Band members are from various backgrounds in rock, pop and folk, and the band was built around the dark and quirky songs of Dave Webster, Dave woke up one morning and started writing songs out of the blue. He didn't stop for 50 days and since then has formed bands to fulfil his vision. This lineup of Squibs is the best yet. ​ Squibs offer something different. Songs of tenderness and rage, from the point of view of outsiders on the edge of life and sanity.


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