Danny Burton

In the 1990's iconic rock band 'The Face' boasted a line up of Danny Burton on guitar and vocals, Zak Starkey on drums, Gary Nuttall on guitar and Ronnie Thomas on bass. They were a new London sensation playing sell out shows all over town and strongly tipped by DJ Steve Lamacq and the tabloid press hailing them the next big thing to come out of Camden. However, at this time, Danny was offered the lead role in by Pete Townsend in 'Tommy - The Musical' which he subsequently turned down due to being the victim of an untimely knife attack which left his face temporarily scarred.


Carthorse has been on the music scene now for a few years, but now they mean business. Looking to take London by storm with infectious riffs and a Britpop-esc, somewhat bluesy rhythm section. Interested in having fun on stage, and getting the audience involved, with intriguing and witty lyrics, illustrating the bizarre way they see the world.

We Three Kings

We Three Kings are a no-nonsense three piece rock ’n’ roll band from Manchester, UK with a balls-out sound that blends fuzzed up blues-rock into three minute mini miracles of pure joy.

With Rich on vocals and guitar, Ben on bass and Pete on drums, their riff-driven guitar-heavy sound is perfect for a playlist alongside Rival Sons, Royal Blood, The Black Keys, Queens of the Stone Age, Wolfmother, The Raconteurs, Black Pistol Fire and The Blue Stones.

Marshland Pete

Marshland Pete is an accomplished guitarist and vocalist. Growing up next to the marshland of England (He also grew up next to a golf course but Golf Course Pete doesn't have the same ring to it). He grew his musical understanding from the family 45s, favouring those Rock and Blues artists who could launch into deeply moving guitar solos (Jeff Beck, Cream, Roy Buchanan, Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix, Free, Led Zeppelin) as well as musicians who embraced the unconventional.


WIINK are an alternative rock trio from Hertfordshire. With sets often described as delicate yet tight, we think we have the energy of a threatened dinosaur that likes dinner jazz.

Ollie Trevers

Classic rock meets singer songwriter, Orpheus reborn and reformed, with no one musician quite similar enough to. Ollie Trevers has been preforming longer than hes been shaving, and now with his band, in a solo project, he is exploring the depths of his own individual sound.

With influences like Queen, Jeff Buckley, The Clash, Ella Fitzgerald and Edith Piaf the new sound Ollie is making will take your breath away, with there EP being played at every gig coming up to the imminent release date.

Sons of Liberty

Rocking stages since 2014 Sons of Liberty are the UK's hardest working and most entertaining Southern Rockers ....a band of seasoned musicians from Bristol and South Wales, drawn together by the shared love of the incredible music of the Southern States of America ....and the desire to share it with the people of the UK. Sons of Liberty are an energetic band who deliver a 100% authentic and 100% original show.

Woodley Taylor

Woodley Taylor, an emerging artist; singer/songwriter, composer and story teller from Cambridge.
With refreshing authenticity and integrity beyond his years, the singer/ songwriter and musical craftsman strikes a masterful balance between poignant, powerful songwriting and unforgettably hooking melodies.
A timeless sound; a now rare breed of Classic Rock, Country and Folk infused Art-Rock, both lyrically compelling and musically challenging.

Matro Rancho

Formed in the summer of 2017, Matro Rancho set out to bring back the authentic sound of the late 60s and early 70s blues-rock scene. Having spent a year honing their sound and writing original music they landed on the scene in the summer of 2018 and have since supported the likes of dutch progressive rock legends Focus. Currently working in the studio and on their live set, Matro Rancho hope to bring their sound to a stage near you very soon.


Your friendly neighbourhood rock band Penthouse are here to quench your guitar-solo/pop-rock-anthem ridden thirst. Based in Kent, UK, their own brand of 90s inspired party rock sets them apart from your usual modern day pop-punk band. The bands latest single 'Party Ring' sees them taking new heights with a Weezer-y summer anthem that sounds like it could've been taken straight off of a Kerrang! compilation CD from 1999 (yes...that's a good thing). Think if Busted met The Darkness at your local underground punk venue.


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