93 Feet East - 17.7.15 - Gig Review

Friday nights on the very cool and extremely popular Brick Lane are always busy, and last Friday at 93 Feet East made no exception to this. We had a fantastically talented live line up that did not fail to amaze the crowd of hundreds that had gathered to hear them play.
The first band of the night Alamode definitely succeeded in getting the crowed pumped up with their edgy Blues riffs and engaging Funk Rock sound. The 5-piece band formed of 3 Guitarists, 1 Bassist and a Drummer were energetic, talented and the perfect way to start off the night. Having recently recorded a new EP, Alamode are looking to build on their previous reputation on the gigging circuit and have some exciting dates planned for 2015, which we cannot wait for!
Next up were All This Noise who definitely kept the excitement in the crowed flowing with grooves that perfectly entwine the intricate guitar riffs and intoxicating electronic sounds also embracing the edgy vocals. All This Noise were initially formed by the lead Vocalist/Guitarist and the Bassist/Producer who were later joined by the Drummer – and are definitely one to watch in 2015.

Daniel Peterson and his band were up next and they definitely took the night to another level! The Sydney native Daniel Peterson delivered electric, alternative rock at it’s finest, and the crowed genuinely could not get enough. His charming vocal melodies and polished guitar hooks along with his laid back but also upbeat rhythms were unquestionably captivating. Us here at Hot Vox think Daniel Peterson is definitely one to watch in 2015.

The youngest of the night was Lucy Whittaker, but this definitely wasn’t obvious as she graced the stage with her soulful voice that blended perfectly with her catchy pop tracks. Lucy and her band gave an effortless yet energetic performance. Her songs were a perfect representation of how good popular music in this age can be, and we would not be at all surprised if Lucy makes it big!

Last but not least were The East Collective. Their clever fusion of gritty beat-boxing along with their hypnotic funky bass, their melodic keys and excellent soulful vocals not only make The East Collective unique, but also give them an edge no other band has that with out doubt works in their favour. The crowd sang along and dance around the room as this band gave us their take on some classics and also provided us with some superb original tracks. A great way to end the night.


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