Adam & The Gaslights Live at The Workshop

On the 13th of December, Adam & The Gaslights take to stage at Roadtrip and The Workshop. A quartet from Guildford and fronted by Adam himself, they produce an eerily good sound. Mellowing the mind whilst infusing the heart, Adam’s voice cradles the heartstrings of those in audience. Not too dissimilar to feeling like you’re on a beach, Adam & The Gaslights sooth and nurture any worries you could possibly ever have. Both melodious and tuneful, ‘The Ocean’ and ‘Brain Food’ exhilarates the ears and you can’t help but smile. A real treat to the music world you would be a fool to miss them.

Taking place on the 13th of December, Roadtrip and The Workshop is positioned in the gateway to Shoreditch. With upstairs an American styled Diner and downstairs a designated live music room, Roadtrip and The Workshop, is a perfect venue to host Adam & The Gaslights.

Tickets are still available at:

Doors open at: 7:15pm

Written by Ellis Shelton.

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