HOT VOX showcase some of the freshest emerging artists breaking through onto the scene, but in an industry saturated with new music, how can you cut through the noise?


To separate the best from the rest, we have cherry picked one of our favourite new acts and are pleased to have them as our Artist Of The Day.

Today’s Featured Artist Of The Day is The Latin Formula

THE LATIN FORMULA… Three Simple Words. “The Latin Formula” are a Latin band based in London and Brighton-UK formed by 3 talented and experienced professional musicians from the Caribbean Sea with more than 20 years performing in different countries, such as: Venezuela, Cuba, Spain and The United Kingdom who joined this band 4 years ago: Mr. Kico Cowan (Cuba) on Saxophone, Flute and Vocals, Mr. Adonis Banderas (Cuba) on Cuban Multi-Percussion Set and Vocals, and Mr. Michael Slim (Venezuela) Singing Guitarist, Front-man and Vocals. Regular special guests Mr Ahmed Maki (Irak) on Minor Percussion, Mr Jomy Jormet (Turkey) on Hybrid Drums and Mr Pedro Medina (Cuba) on Lead Guitar and Vocals.

They do Very Popular USA/UK Songs performed in Latin Style. This is a nice selection of most well-known hits by some of the greatest musicians from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's such as Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Sting, Bob Dylan, BB King, Little Richard, Michael Jackson, Carl Perkins, Bill Haley and some more modern tunes such as "Wonderwall", "Losing my Religion", "My Heart is in Havana", "Shape of you" and "I like it like that" among some of their original tunes. Besides that, they also do Cuban Music including “Buena Vista Social Club” Cuban Orchestra's Greatest Hits, such as "Chan Chan", "El cuarto de Tula", "El Carretero" and many others. But it is not only "Buena Vista". They also perform The Greatest Cuban Masters such as "Benny Moré", "Celia Cruz", "Ibrahim Ferrer", "Miguel Matamoros", "Eleades Ochoa", "Omara Portuondo", "María Teresa Vera", "Joseíto Fernández", "Septeto Nacional" and "Willie Chirinos" among others...

Their versatile repertoire can be adapted to different types of specific occasions according to the type of event. So that, they can play dining level soft music meanwhile customers are having dinner in a relaxing restaurant or having some drinks in a hotel bar. On the other hand, they can also perform their Catchy Latin Music for everyone to dance while providing a lot of fun and entertainment based on an upbeat live show with a lot of nice interaction with the audience giving the crowd an opportunity to take nice memories back home. Experience says that they repeat wherever they play for the first time. 

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