Berne - "Conversation" E.P

To only recognize musical elements of Berne’s self released EP “Conversation”, does no justice to the already accomplished Maltese artist, who takes an incredibly unique and earnest approach to across all four tracks.
From the very start, opening track ‘The Scene’ showcases not only the superb narrative structure, which is prevalent across the EP as a whole, but also the excellent arrangement of the track; heightening tension and intensity for the listener as it grows and culminates in a cacophony of sound. 
Despite the fact that this formula recurs across the majority of "Conversation", every track incites a variety of emotions. ‘Lights’, a highlight from the EP, marries a trifecta of Berne’s poignant, melancholic piano led melodies alongside near blistering percussion and a driven bass line, only to unsuspectingly conclude with angelic, blissful vocals.
‘In The Woods’, the single from “Conversation”, showcases Berne’s striking vocal abilities and range, which, alongside Berne’s impressive knack for storytelling, is key to the shaping the intensity of the track which seems to build eternally before gradually cushioning you back to reality. 
The only anomaly within the EP is the second track, 'Espresso-Oh.'  An exultant, light hearted somewhat pop influenced number which contrasts heavily with the rest of the EP; which only goes to further emphasise Berne’s abilities as a songstress.
"Conversation” is available to buy on Amazon and ITunes now, whilst Berne plays at The Spice of Life, Soho on Saturday, December 19th!      

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