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Today you can say you heard Tupelo's brand new double A side 'River' here first!

Tupelo’s music is hard to categorise, blending indie with jazz, soul, trip-hop and the occasional flutter of disco. They're eyeing up 2019 as an opportunity to showcase the full range of their sound, performing some bold new tunes alongside unreleased bangers to people who love music without boundaries.


The latest release from London’s Tupelo – River – pulls together the two core styles of the group’s sound, the unlikely combination of indie and trip hop.

Like its namesake, River gently builds from a trickle to an epic crescendo as a story of loss and resolution in the face of tragedy unfolds.

River opens with an extended verse section with over-laid classical progressions, mounting tension as the lyrical journey starts with a foreboding sense of loss. Interwoven vocal harmonies and melodic lines gradually lift the atmosphere, while emotionally charged lyrics and incremental harmonies step up the intensity.

The tune takes a more upbeat turn as the story shifts from sombre start to cautious optimism. Dubby influences creep in while broken guitar chords grow into a distorted lead riff ahead of the drop.

A typical Tupelo outro follows as additional layers create an epic soundscape. The journey comes to a close as a soaring lead guitar melds with powerful vocal harmonies, while the driving rhythm section pushing the tune to climax.

Walls Remix

Tupelo spends an inordinate amount of time reinventing the wheel, but for every square a perfect circle is formed and Walls Remix carries a golden chariot.

In other words, Walls was one of Tupelo’s earliest tunes, written back in 2014. But as the band grew and its style matured, the once flagship tune was in desperate need of an overhaul.

After numerous reiterations the driving banger that is Walls Remix emerged, predominately based on the middle-eight section of the original rock song. The heart of Walls Remix takes a snippet of James Bond-esque keys from its predecessor, layered over syncopated drums and bass that drive the tune along. Chopped up samples replace Tupelo's typical harmonised vocals during a section where spacey guitar licks and ethereal string lines build an extra-terrestrial atmosphere.

But no Tupelo tune is complete without a twist. An eerie bridge creates space to introduce vocals ahead of the drop. Another nod to the original ensues in a heavily distorted and high energy outro. Powerful guitar riffs and mesmerising drumming continually lifts the intensity, while punky vocals push the song to conclusion.

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