Today's HOT VOX Pop Quiz features.... ARCADES

Who are Arcades? Where you’re from, how you met, how long have you been playing together etc

We are an indie rock ‘n’ roll band from Leicester. We all met at school and decided to make a band as Tommy’s mum was getting married and needed music for the night. The plan was to do a few shows before the wedding to warm up, but we never stopped and have completely fallen in love with wearing makeup, playing live and travelling the world in our 02-plate red transit van. 

Who came up with the band name and does it have a story or any meaning behind it?

Our friend Steve Gray came up with the name. We used to always end up at his gaff for a full English every Saturday morning. It was around the time we were thinking of having a re-brand as the music took a change in direction. Over some eggy bread and black pudding, I asked him for some ideas for band names. ‘Arcades’ was the one that stood out on the page to us. 

If you had to describe the band using just five words, what would they be?

Leopard Print Disco Pink panther 

Who are your biggest influences musically?

We get asked this all the time and obviously we have bands that we admire and take influence from. Coming from Leicester, Kasabian have been a massive influence purely because we are from the same village, and how big they have become. Jimmy Hendrix and his eccentric fashion sense, too. His guitar playing and performance was so a head of his time. 

What’s the band's biggest claim to fame so far?

We don’t like going about name dropping but meeting other musicians and picking their brains. We recently had a beer with Liam Gallagher at a This Feeling show with Miles Kane, and Tom Meighan from Kasabian is a big fan of our music. It’s not so much a claim to fame or licking their ass because they are famous, we just love meeting other bands and artists and just picking their brains and asking advice.

What’s your songwriting process?

At the moment it starts just sat at home in the kitchen with an acoustic, and once we’re happy with it being so stripped back then we take it to the practice room and build it into a full band explosion.

If you could go on tour with any current band or artist, who would it be and why?

Foals support would be mega. 

If you could put your dream team band together consisting of any musicians from the past or present who would the band members be?


How would you describe your live show to someone who has never seen you perform before?

A very (un)sexy rock ‘n’ roll circus with a whole lotta love.

Do any of you have any pre-gig or post gig rituals? If so, what and why?

Nothing too mad, I mean before it’s the disco classics playlist on full blast. Pick out the loafers and grab the cat suit. Afterwards just fucking have it with all the money we should be using to fill up the van.

What would your ultimate rider be if you could have anything without being accused of being a diva?

We had a cheese board once. Best night of my life.

If we were to browse your music library what is the most embarrassing song we might find? Or who is your guilty pleasure artist?

S Club 7 - Don’t stop movin’. That or Lady Gaga, she is a staple of our tour playlist. Everything revolves around her.

Tell us one thing your fans would be really shocked or surprised to hear or learn about the band

If you look at our Instagram, I think the words “I’m shocked boys” has gone out of the window. Just check it out and scroll down you’ll see what I mean. 

If people want to check you out online where is the best place to go?

On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, at @WeAreArcades

Finally, What does the future hold for the band?

More tours and more music X.



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