Who is ...? Where you’re from, how you met, how long have you been playing together etc

Myself (Luke Darbyshire), Joe Evans and Sam Allen all went to school together in a small town called Shepperton. Aleks Naess-Clarke grew up in Hampton and we met him through friends of friends when we got to college. Sam, Joe and myself have been playing on/off since our 1st year of college (we used to bunk lessons to play music in our college’s studio with neither of us actually taking it as a subject), but the band formed back in September 2017.

Who came up with the band name and does it have a story or any meaning behind it?

We were sitting around a table our favourite pub (The George - Staines) trying to come up with something that stood out whilst being meaningful at the same time. I think somebody suggested the Greek Philosopher Plato but that got shot down immediately. Sam then whipped out his phone and searched up Plato’s books and that’s how we stumbled across Charmides! It’s basically a book he wrote about teaching young men about self-control and temperance (neither of which any of us have – apart from maybe Aleks), we thought that was relevant to all of our personal lives at the time so that’s Charmides came about. There’s probably a more profound meaning to our name, but none of us speak greek so we just go with that.

If you had to describe the band using just five words, what would they be?

Fearless, Variety, Riffs, Solos, Alcohol 

Who are your biggest influences musically?

We all listen to such a huge variety of music it’s hard to name specific influences. Our take on things is that if something sounds good to us at the time, it doesn’t matter who is playing it we’ll bounce around to it. For example we’ll be in the rehearsal room with the amps turned up to 10 smashing out a Rage Against the Machine Riff one minute, then the next we’ll be playing our own rendition of Superstition by Stevie Wonder.

What’s the band's biggest claim to fame so far?

It would definitely have to be playing a gig at the famous Water Rats venue in Kings Cross in London. Knowing that we were going to play on the same stage as Oasis and Kasabian (not to forgetting Katy Perry!) gave us an unbelievable sense of excitement. We opened the whole night playing to only about 40 people I think but we acted as if it were 40,000! After we finished our set we stayed after and watched the acts that followed absorbing all the musical history of the venue – as always it was accompanied by copious amounts of alcohol.

If you could go on tour with any current band or artist, who would it be and why?

Kasabian. The way they put their live shows together is just insane. They have such control over the crowd bringing them to different levels with their music and showmanship. It’s definitely something we’d like to incorporate into our style when playing live so we’d  want to learn as much as possible from them. They also seem like very down to earth guys who you could sit around a table with and have a few drinks whilst talking about the football.

If you could put your dream team band together consisting of any musicians from the past or present who would the band members be?

Freddie Mercury – Vocals

Jimi Hendrix – Guitar

Tom Morello – Guitar

John Entwistle– Bass

Dom Howard – Drums

How would you describe your live show to someone who has never seen you perform before?

Energetic - Playing live shows is something that we crave every day! Nothing beats the feeling of getting on stage and playing live in front of people. Our excitement during the lead up to a gig builds up so much we just completely let loose on stage and we feel our enjoyment definitely transmits to anybody who is sharing the experience with us. We see it as a whole performance as opposed to playing individual songs so we try to play bouncy interludes to keep things interesting!

Do any of you have any pre-gig or post gig rituals? If so, what and why?

Sam, Joe and Myself love cracking open a few beers before each gig. It’s not a nerves thing at all, we just treat the whole show as an enjoyable experience for ourselves (as if we were watching a show) which as mentioned before transmits to the audience. Aleks unfortunately is unable to consume alcohol so he just does his own thing whilst the rest of us prepare or warm up. Post gig is often staying at the venue we played at to connect with fans or watch bands we’ve supported whilst sharing drinks with them. We treat our gigs similarly to how we treat a night out. We want everybody to get loose and enjoy the moment.

What would your ultimate rider be if you could have anything without being accused of being a diva?

For the time being we’d definitely keep it simple! A good sound system to listen to some pre-gig tracks, Cold beers and cups of tea would do it for us – although Aleks would have to stick to Fanta!

This question is for all band members. If we were to browse your music library what is the most embarrassing song we might find? Or who is your guilty pleasure artist?

Luke –  Paparazzi – Lady Gaga

Aleks – Lord of the Rings Theme Music

Joe – ABBA’s entire collection

Sam- Angels – Robbie Williams

Tell us one thing your fans would be really shocked or surprised to hear or learn about the band

It would definitely have to be the length of time we’ve actually been a band for. As we’re a relatively new band we often get asked about how long we’ve been playing together. We formed in September 2017 so when we tell people that, they often don’t believe us! I think it’s because we just totally enjoy the moments of being on stage and feel so comfortable. The way we see it is that there’s no room for any other feeling than being taken away by the music that you’re making with your best mates.

If people want to check you out online where is the best place to go?

We have website in development but I would definitely say we’re most active on Instagram! We like to show an insight into everything that comes with being in a band. One day you’ll see clips from in the rehearsal studio making music and other times we’ll be on a night out having it up!

We recently recorded a Studio Demo of SANDRA so definitely check out our Soundcloud too!

Instagram: @charmidesofficial



Finally, What does the future hold for the band?

Without sounding ahead of ourselves or being too arrogant… we do truly believe that we will ‘make it’ and we’re going to embrace every single moment of it! 





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