Who is ...? Where are you from, how long have you been playing music etc
Rié (ree-ay), from Tokyo, currently based in London. After more than 10 years of playing music in Japan, I'm aspiring to create a cross-cultural sound by venturing out in the UK.

If you had to describe your sound using just five words, what would they be?
Soothing, eclectic, mellifluous, poignant, and resonant      

Who are your biggest influences musically?
Kate Bush and The Carpenters 

When you were younger, what was the first album that blew you away and you remember putting on repeat non-stop?
Songs in the key of life by Stevie Wonder

As a performer, what’s your biggest claim to fame so far?
Headlining a show of 2000 audience in China in 2015&16

If you could go on tour with any current band or artist, who would it be and why?
St.Vincent. Love her eccentricity and kickass guitar

If you could put your dream team band together consisting of any musicians from the past or present who would the band members be?
My current brilliant band members in Japan

How would you describe your live show to someone who has never seen you perform before?
Authentic songwriting, musicianship, and performance 

Do any of you have any pre-gig or post gig rituals? If so, what and why?
Pre-gig yoga and post-gig looong bath

What would your ultimate rider be if you could have anything without being accused of being a diva?
A sushi chef and warm saké

If we were to browse your music library what is the most embarrassing song we might find? Or who is your guilty pleasure artist?
Spice Girls, Britney, TLC...I grew up in the nineties

Tell us one thing your fans would be really shocked or surprised to hear or learn about you
That the first English word I learnt was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

If people want to check you out online where is the best place to go?

Finally, What does the future hold for you as an artist?
Continually evolving as a cross-cultural / cross-genre artist



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