Jarell - Nights with Farida Review

EP Review 

Who:  Jarell (Ebuka Jarell Enujuba)

What: ‘Nights With Farida’; the self produced debut EP “containing songs inspired by real life situations.”

Why: It is a well rounded and varied EP that really showcases Jarell’s talents. His voice is capable of both sensitive and soft, but also punchy and powerful. Throughout the EP he uses all of his own vocals to create close harmonies that add depth. 

Where Has It Gone: This is a really catchy toe-tapping start to the EP! The song builds up throughout, from just guitar, shaker and vocals to a full band and harmonies. The bass drum and claps towards the end of the song punctuate a section of Acapella vocals.  

Honey Drop: This song starts with the sound of a typewriter, which is definitely a nice touch. It is a slower and more sensitive song, with natural harmonics and finger picking in the guitar.

That’s Okay: When I first listened to this there were certain qualities that reminded me of Rusted Root’s “Send Me On My Way”, which I loved. Very uplifting song!

Going Down: One of the softer songs of the EP, Jarell’s voice shines and you can hear the emotion in his tone and words. Towards the end it becomes more intense and starts to have a rocky vibe which hasn’t yet been heard in ‘Nights With Farida’.

You Will Know: One of my favourites off the E.P; clicks, syncopated guitar, funky organ synths and a chorus full of nice harmonies. What more could you ask for in a fun and catchy break up song!

Wind In Time: The guitar melody in this song was originally inspired from the song "Trust" by Rob Anderlik. Gradually there is a simple but effective addition of a band. I found this a really lovely and satisfying song to end the EP with.  

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