Julian Casablancas + The Voidz – New Album ‘Tyranny’

Following on from The Strokes frontmans 2009 solo album Phrazes For The Young, Julian Casablancas is back with backing band The Voidz for the more experimental Tyranny. With one eleven-minute track already previewed, the album is sure to bend the boundaries of indie/rock.  'Human Sadness' combines the electronic sounds that Julian is so fond of experimenting with (yes, I’m thinking back to that epic collaboration with Daft Punk), the New York City grunge rock The Strokes are so famous for and also takes inspiration from the fierce, unapologetic nature of the punk movement.  His deep, drawling vocals contrasted with sudden falsetto flourishes are ever present and this time accented even more so with the use of a vocoder. Listen to 'Human Sadness' below:


Julian Casablancas+The Voidz - Human Sadness (Official Audio)

The album is creating quite a buzz with news being leaked every day about it’s coming release on September 23rd. Tyranny will be available in numerous formats from the singers own label Cult Records. A digital download is yours for just £2.27 however the album is also available on CD, vinyl, cassette and, my personal favourite, a cigarette lighter shaped USB stick (see images below). 

Building up to the release, a video introducing each of the band members appeared on YouTube, shot on an old VHS camera. The video entitled ‘Can I VHS you?’ features snippets of unheard tracks, footage from rehearsals and even flashes of secret messages (pause the viewer at exactly 4:05 to reveal a peculiar Casablancas quote…). Meet the band below:

Full Tracklisting:


1. Take Me in Your Army

2. Crunch Punch

3. M.utually A.ssured D.estruction

4. Human Sadness

5. Where No Eagles Fly

6. Father Electricity

7. Johan Von Bronx

8. Business Dog

9. Xerox

10. Dare I Care

11. Nintendo Blood

12. Off to War...


Pre-order the album here:


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