Masters at Work – A Complete Rework

It isn’t every day a discography is released by two of the most influential artists in house music. The partnership of Louie Vega and Kenny Dope is one that is almost unrivalled throughout soulful house music, only truly surpassed by the late and great Frankie Knuckles. Since 1990 the dynamic duo have continued to better the music they produce, often incorporating elements of disco, Latin and jazz to create a well-liked yet transcendental sound. Over the years they have remixed tracks such as Michael Jackson’s ‘Rock With You’, Madonna’s ‘Erotica’ and Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ to name but a few, however their latest anthology reveals a plethora of refreshing and inspiring reworks, such as that of Saint Etienne’s ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’ and Cece Peniston’s ‘Crazy Love’.  
From a production perspective the pairs’ attention to detail in terms of sonority, timbre and rhythm is unparalleled and everything appears so specifically considered in order to retain their unique tone. For example in the M.A.W remix of Cece Peniston’s ‘Crazy Love’, the double bass timbre utilized for the bassline instantly enhances the jazz feel behind the track. Qualities such as this mean that despite most of the songs on the album being around the typical 120bpm house rhythm, every track has its’ own identity and its’ own individuality.

CeCe Peniston - Crazy Love (Krazy Dub)

The use of genuine instruments, albeit in a sample format, is another aspect that helps bring such authenticity to the tracks, avoiding the electronic sounds that digitally produced music can occasionally get carried away with.  For example when M.A.W remix George Benson’s ‘Song for My Brother’ there is the inclusion of six-minute guitar solo, which creates something beyond the groovy yet predictable beat.

As well as having some of their more popular works on the anthology, the duo have also included some of their less well-known material that was eclipsed by the success of numerous dubs and remixes of more admired artists such as Michael Jackson. You can see the extensive track list below.
01. Bebe Winans - Thank You (MAW Mix)
02. The Braxtons - The Boss (MAW Remix)
03. MAW feat. James Ingram - Lean On Me (MAW Mix)
04. Masters At Work feat. India - Backfired (Album Version)
05. Voices - Voices In My Mind (MAW Mix)
06. Afro Celt Sound System - Release (Masters At Work Main Mix)
07. Incognito - Nights Over Egypt (Masters At Work Main Mix)
08. Nuyorican Soul feat. India - Runaway (Original Flava 12")
09. Urbanized feat. Slivano - Helpless (The Kenlou Remix)
10. Gus Gus - VIP (Masters At Work Vocal Mix)
01. Masters At Work feat. India - I Can’t Get No Sleep (Ken Lou 12” Mix)
02. Masters At Work feat. India - When You Touch Me (M.A.W. Remix)
03. Funky People feat. Cassio Ware - Funky People (Masters At Work Main Mix)
04. Ruffneck feat. Yavahn - Everybody Be Somebody (MAW Style Mix)
05. Simply Red - Thrill Me (Masters At Work House Mix)
06. Black Masses - Wonderful Person (MAW Vocal Mix)
07. George Benson - Song For My Brother (Kenlou 12" Mix)
08. Masters At Work - Work (MAW Mix)
09. River Ocean feat. India - Love & Happiness (MAW Original Remix Extended)
10. Maw feat. Luis Salinas - Pienso En Ti (I Think Of You) (House Mix)
01. Saint Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Masters At Work Dub)
02. Lood feat. Donell Rush - Shout-N-Out (The DJ Dub)
03. Nuyorican Soul - The Nervous Track (Ballsy Mix)
04. Chris Cuevas ‎- Hip Hop (Masters At Work Dub)
05. Atmosfear ‎- Dancing In Outer Space (Lunar Mix Part 1)
06. D’Influence - Hypnotize (M.A.W. Piano Dub Mix)
07. The Neville Brothers - Fly Like An Eagle (Slippin Dub)
08. Debbie Gibson - Losin’ Myself (12” Masters At Work Version)
09. Uncanny Alliance - I Got My Education (Master At Work Dub)
10. Masters At Work - Our Mute Horn (Ken Lou Mix)
01. Masters At Work - The Ha Dance (Ken / Lou Mixx)
02. Los Amigos Invisibles - Ease Your Mind (Masters At Work Dub Edit)
03. House Of Gypsies - Sume Sigh Sey (MAW Remix)
04. Kathy Brown - Can't Play Around (M.A.W Dub)
05. Ce Ce Peniston - Crazy Love (Krazy Dub)
06. Baaba Maal - Gorel (Piano Dub)
07. Jody Watley - Off The Hook (MAW Dub)
08. Ultra Naté - Show Me (Masters At Work Wild Dub)
09. The Brand New Heavies - Close To You (Masters At Work Remix)
10. B.O.P - Zabalaza (MAW Original Mix)
With over 40 tracks on the discography, I think it is fair to say this is well worth the £7.99 off of iTunes and with plenty of soulful house grooves to send you dancing down the street, is certain not to disappoint. 

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