Ever wondered what music your favourite band listens too? What songs inspire the best songwriters?

In this feature we’ll speak to some of HOT VOX’s favourite new artists on the gigging scene and find out what songs shaped them to be the musicians and artists they are today and what’s on their Spotify Playlist.

Today’s playlist is curated by Davina.

Who is Davina?

I am jazz/soul singer from SE London, I write songs to empower my listeners, I love making my listeners feel good.  My songs are really funky and groovy because I believe the best kind of music is the music that you can dance to. My inspirations include Beyoncé, Amy Winehouse, Sade, Erykah Badu and Ella Fitzgerald.

A song from the first album you ever bought/listened to?

SOS -  Rihanna. The first album I ever listen to from start to finish was Brit Awards 2007, it was the only CD my stepdad had and whenever we were in the car, we would listen to it tirelessly, back to back.

A song you wish you had written?

Loner – Kali Uchis, I’m obsessed with the lyrics in that song. She’s an amazing songwriter and performer!

A song that inspires you?

Formation AND I Was Here – Beyoncé (both by the Queen of course!)

Last song you purchased?

Boys Don’t Cry – The Cure

A song that makes you feel nostalgic?

Orange Coloured Sky – Nat King Cole, I remember learning this song to death for my grade exam with my singing teacher. 

Your favourite sing-along song in the shower?

We Belong Together – Mariah Carey. This song makes me mourn the boyfriend I never had.

A song that confirmed your love for music?

Is It A Crime – Sade

A song you put on when getting ready for a big night out?

All of Me – Billie Holiday, I haven’t got a specific song but I love listening to the jazz classics!

The song do you put on repeat if you’ve just had your heart broken?

Me, Myself and I – Beyoncé

You can listen to Davina's playlist in the Spotify link below. Remember to make sure you follow HOT VOX to keep up to date with the exciting acts on our roster.



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